Tuesday, July 07, 2009

New Bento Book! And my bento lunches are in it!!!

I'm too excited!!

The photos and recipes for some of my bento lunches have been included in this brand new book called 501 Bento Box Lunches. I've known about it for a while, but I was waiting until I actually had the book in my hand before I was ready to tell everyone.

When I first sent my photos and recipes to the publisher (twenty of which have been included in the book) and she told me she was compiling a collection of 500, I couldn't even begin to imagine the work that would go into organizing all of that information. But somehow, she pulled it off! There are pages and pages of recipes, and pictures of each and every bento lunch. It's all compacted into a neat little package. Like many of the bento boxes I've ordered online, the book was smaller than I expected but it's exactly the size it needs to be to include all of the information.

If you want to check it out, I've included links to some sample pages below (with the publisher's permission of course). I've also included it in the list of my favorite bento cookbooks in the left column of this blog so that you can link to its listing on Amazon.

I love this book and I'm not just saying that because I'm affiliated. I think it is an amazing source of inspiration and I can only turn a few pages before I see something new I want to try. I don't think it's a great beginner book, as it doesn't cover off a lot of the basics of bento making (like how to make onigiri, ratios of rice to meat to veg content, speed tips, etc.) but if you ever need a place to go for new ideas, this book is the best one I've seen.

Here are the links to the sample pages:

Pages 18 - 19
Pages 80 - 81
Pages 94 -95
Pages 126 to 127


Unknown said...

Dude, holy eff Jacki, that is bloody awesome! I hope my work is in a book someday!

3lilangels said...

That's so cool. Your bentos are amazing!

Jacki said...

Hi Jennifer!

I know, I'm so excited :) You have mad skills, you should write a book!

Hi 3lilangels! Thanks!

judith said...

Congratulations! Now you just need to have your cupcakes in a book, maybe your own book.

Bev said...

Soooo proud of you baby!

Binnie said...

Bento are so cool! I remember seeing some cute/cool bento accessories over at otakubaka.com makes me want to buy them! haha