Thursday, July 10, 2008

July 10th Bento

This has been a pretty busy week so far. It was snack bentos mostly and they were nothing special, so I didn't bother posting them.

This morning I actually managed to get up and make a proper bento. Nothing new today, just all foods that I love!
I made two rolls of chicken teriyaki sushi (one for BF and one for me). I made a two egg and spinach omelette, which makes exactly enough to put to hearts in each bento. I fried up some gyoza and some plantain hearts together to save time. For veggies there is asparagus, broccoli, sugar snaps and sesame fried baby bok choy.

I used all kinds of different fruits today. There is half an apricot, cut into slices, two lychees, some satsuma wedges, cherries, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries.

Simple but yummy, with lots of variety!


erin said...

I enjoy reading your blog, nice photos. I am going to try out some of your ideas, my husband is not a very open minded eater, so it will be a challange.

Jacki said...

One of the great things about bento lunches is that you can fit so many kinds of different foods in them. So maybe you could try just one or two new things in each one, so that he only has to broaden his tastes a little bit at a time :)