Saturday, July 12, 2008

July 11th Cupcakes

I have a lot of cutters.

I have heart cutters, star cutters, triangle cutters, clover cutters, pumpkin cutters, ladybug cutters, about 15 different flower cutters, leaf cutters, moon cutters, bowtie cutters, body part cutters, frog cutters, car cutters, hot pepper cutters, crown cutters, dinosaur cutters, plane cutters, alphabet cutters, and that's just the tip of the iceburg.

So it was with utter disbelief when I realized last night that I don't have a single fish cutter.

BF is taking his advanced diving class this weekend, so he's doing five dives and pretty much only coming home to sleep. He called me from the dive site last night and said it he would love a cupcake when he came home.

And for me, any excuse is a good excuse to make cupcakes.

So I was going to make them aqua blue with little fishes in all different colours in keeping with the whole ocean theme of his weekend.

But it was not to be. I could have molded them by hand of course, but I was working on another set of cupcake decorations earlier in the evening, so I didn't feel like doing that much work for this set. So he got hearts instead :P

Since these were especially for BF, I made beer & chocolate flavoured cupcakes. I used the recipe from Crazy About Cupcakes (have I mentioned how much I love this book?). The batter was so liquidy that I thought for sure that they were not going to turn out, it was like soup. But omg, these are the moistest, softest cupcakes I've ever made. The texture is incredible, and for once I managed to fill the muffin cups so that the cupcakes all rose to the perfect height.

I don't care for beer, so I found the taste of these so-so, but BF really liked them. I'm thinking about making these again but using soda instead. Maybe orange or cream soda. Does anyone know if this will work?

I went to make frosting and realized I was missing some ingredients, so I ended up using cream cheese frosting instead since I had some in the freezer. I used Wilton Teal icing gel colouring to get the blueish shade.

For decorations, I made some fondant hearts for the teal cupcakes, and sprinkled Skor bits on the white ones. They're pictured here all packed up in foil trays for BF to take to his diving class.


Anonymous said...

Those are super cute Jacki! And what are these other cupcakes you say that you are working on? Perhaps Mario cupcakes? Yay!

Anonymous said...

Beer and chocolate can be a very interesting combination, but I agree - depends on how much a person enjoys the taste of beer, although I'm not much of a beer drinker, but love beer in some baked goods and cooked meats. These, I sound pretty darn good!

syksyk said...

Wow, beer cupcakes? Awesome, you must give me the recipe! I'm loving the heart fondant cutouts, super cute...very retro.

Unknown said...

Thanks Jennifer! Sorry, it's top secret :P

Stephanie, the recipe is from a book, so I wouldn't feel right about posting it online, but feel free to email me at jackisbento AT I'm glad you like the hearts! They're from a bento cutter set. I love the curly tails :)

Madellen said...

Jackie, you are amazing.! I've known you since you were a little girl and its wonderful to see all your talent blooming in so many ways. You are brilliant. email me through Jessica will you?
Auntie Margie (:

Anonymous said...

hey random question aha but i was thinking of making some cupcakes and ive been searching for some ideas, and i was wondering how do you make those hearts. what are they made out of?

Jacki said...

They're really easy to make! I used rolled fondant, made by Wilton. You should be able to get it anywhere you buy cake decorating supplies. It comes in a big chunk, you slice off a small amount and roll it out like cookie dough and punch out whatever shape you like.

Anonymous said...

awesome! im actually making them as a little b-dayy gift, thanks so much tho, im sure they will look beautiful now!:)