Friday, August 29, 2008

August 29th Bento Lunch

I felt like making sushi this morning so making bento took quite a bit longer than usual. I was about halfway done when I realized that everything was green and yellow! Oh well, I'm sure it will still get eaten.

I made a sweet, fruit sushi today. For sweet sushi, I use 3 Tbsp of lime juice heated with 1 Tbsp sugar (to make it dissolve) instead of sushi vinegar. I also use mamenori soy wrappers instead of nori. I have to say though, it's much tougher to get this sushi to stick together than regular sushi. It's so pretty and yummy though, that I don't mind making it once in a while.

This time I used mango and avocado as fillings. I know that seems like a bit of a strange combination, but trust me, it's delicious and the texture is amazingly smooth.

First I removed the rind from the mango and the avocado, and cut very thin, flexible slices from the top of the fruit. I cut the remain fruit into strips. I rolled the fruit strips into a regular inside out maki roll and then placed the slices over the seam and rolled it again to make everything stay together. I'm really happy with how these turned out, there is so much fruit in them! I mixed up the pieces and turned them on their sides because it looks more fun than when they're all orderly.

For protein today, I made teriyaki chicken. This is really simple to do from scratch. I used two chicken thighs for BF's bento (I would only use one for mine). Here's what you do:

The night before

  • Slice chicken thighs in half
  • Place in a small ziplock bag with 1 Tbsp each of mirin, soy sauce and sugar
  • Refrigerate overnight

In the morning

  • Remove chicken from the bag and fry in a bit of oil on medium heat until browned
  • Mix 3Tbsp water with the remaining marinade and pour it into the frying pan with the chicken.
  • Cover until the chicken is cooked
  • Cook uncovered until the liquid has evaporated and the chicken has a nice glazed finish

The morning part takes less than ten minutes which is a pretty short time to cook meat in my opinion. I put the chicken in a foil tart container that I flipped up the rim on.

For veggies there is some sesame fried bok choy all around the foil cup and some asparagus that I parboiled for 90 seconds and then added to the pan with teriyaki chicken while it was cooking for another 90 seconds (teriyaki asparagus I guess?). There are also steamed green and yellow zucchini, sugar snaps and broccoli.

There was already all kinds of mango in the sushi, so for fruit I just included a few blueberries and three thin watermelon wedges.

On Fridays I try to use up all my leftover produce before the weekend, can you tell?


Lolita Riot said...

hey there! I stumbled upon your blog through mua and I have to say I'm impressed :) how do you make/cut the little details on the nori for say, eyes and mouth to go on top of the rice balls?

Holly M. Wendt said...

The fruit sushi looks fantastic. I'll have to give mamenori a try, and the tip on the lime juice sweet rice seasoning is a really nice one.

Jacki said...

Hi Sher! How nice to see a fellow mua-er! For the nori faces I use punches like in this auction. They save ton of time. Everything else I cut by hand.

Hi Holly! I have a love/hate relationship with mamenori. It looks and tastes awesome, but it's tricky to work with.