Monday, June 16, 2008

June 16th Bento

I was in a bit of a rush this morning (I just couldn't will myself out of bed!) so today's bento was pretty simple, but I think it still looks nice.

The onigiri was frozen from a batch I made a few weeks ago (remember this bento?). I used a mold that makes three tiny rounded triangles at a time, similar to my cube mold. The slices of meat are from a premade stuffed turkey breast from the butcher that I baked up last night and sliced this morning.

For veggies there are asparagus stalks, broccoli florets, steamed carrot flowers (I liked how they had the little circle in the middle), fried plantain hearts, and yellow zucchini slices.

There are a couple of tomatos, and for fruit there are grapes, white and red raspberries, a couple blueberries, strawberry slices, and green apple hearts. There's a truffle for dessert but I forget what flavor it was. It was yummy though!


KAY said...

You call that simple even in a rush, I think you place each food nicely and neatly..ahah