Thursday, June 05, 2008

June 5th Bento

This was another unplanned what-do-we-have-in-the-freezer-this-morning bento. I used the six element formula that never lets me down: rice/meat/veggies/fruit/dumplings/dessert. Aside from the fruit and veggies, everything in the bento started its morning in the freezer.

For rice we have a few plain rice cubes and a ground chicken filled triangle onigiri. The meat is marinated lamb pieces (these were so wonderfully spicy and peppery!). There are three gyoza and a hidden bottle of rice vinegar/soy sauce dipping sauce, as well as broccoli, asparagus, sugar snaps, carrot hearts and snow peas for vegetables.

I put some slices of star fruit in the bentos, but BF had never had them before and ended up not liking them. Lots of berries as usual (blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, cherries and strawberries) and a "midnight mint" square. I made a batch of them on the weekend. They're similar to a nanaimo bar but with a green mint filling. The trickiest part was cutting them into tiny bites without cracking the chocolate layer on top. I managed to cut about 15 before I gave up!

Although I didn't plan anything ahead of time, this bento was still really yummy and satisfying. The downside is that the ingredients aren't as creative and it's not the cutest, that's for sure. But when I'm feeling a little lazy in the morning and want a couple of extra minutes of sleep, it's nice to know I have a freezer with lots of great options for lunch!


SheffieSheep said...

Quick question about your onigiri--do you freeze them already shaped &/or filled, or do you thaw the rice and form them in the morning?

Such fantastic colors!

Jacki said...


I freeze the onigiri after they're filled and shaped so that it's faster in the morning.

I find I get the best tasting onigiri if I put them in the freezer while they're still warm, and then microwave them in the morning still in the plastic (I use Glad wrap because it doesn't leach toxins into the food when you microwave it like some other plastic wraps). Then I let them cool down still in the plastic wrap (while I get everything else ready). I only remove the wrap right before they go in the bento. I find if you unwrap them too soon they get a little crunchy on the outside.

BonzoGal said...

You cook, make bentos, bake cute cupcakes AND make your own candy?!?

We are not worthy!!! Dang, please come to California and make lunch for me!

Another deelish looking lunch.