Saturday, June 14, 2008

Purple Lemon Cupcakes?

The idea this week was to make lemon meringue pie style cupcakes. The cupcakes themselves are lemon flavoured (I was lazy this week and used a mix), and then filled them with lemon curd to replicate pie filling.

I baked individual meringues using this recipe (minus the peppermint candy). They turned out like hard, melt in your mouth meringue cookies. They're really delicious, but next time I think I might try using soft meringues and a kitchen torch to brown them to make meringue more like what you find on an actual pie.

The frosting is a plain buttercream. I hadn't intended to colour it, but the meringues are so white that it didn't contrast enough. So purple was kind of a random choice but I think they turned out pretty and it matches the wrappers I used (Wilton makes them).

Definitely yummy cupcakes, but I think these ones are almost too sweet. Is that possible for a cupcake?


Lyvvie said...

You are not kind to this low carber. Meanie meanie. I want a cupcake now, and the hardest part of being able to cook is we never have to run out and buy treats - we make them ourselves.

I'm thinking of Nancy Reagan and will "Just Say No." but really want one.

Jacki said...

I agree. As long as I have sugar and flour in the house, I'm never free from junk food!

I tried to stick to a 5/7 sort of plan. I cut out junk food and watch my calorie and carb consumption from Monday to Friday, but on the weekends I eat whatever I want. Which almost invariably means cupcakes :)

Linlin said...

Oh sweet mother of God. It's like staring into the sun *drowns in own drool*