Monday, April 28, 2008

April 28th Bento

On Sunday, I was feeling like I spent the whole day in the kitchen cooking, so when it came time to think about bentos, I was pretty lazy. Here's what I put together:

The main dish is miso chicken and asparagus. I poached the chicken for three minutes and steamed the asparagus for three minutes, and then pan fried them with a little canola oil and a mixture of miso, sake and soy sauce. It was really salty, but yummy!

On the left of the bottom tier there are six little capsule shaped onigiris with some new fillings. I found lotus seed paste and sweetened green bean paste at the asian grocery this weekend, so that's what I used. I love these pastes! They're so cheap (about $2) and they last forever (they're sort of like a jam) and you only use a small amount. Like I'm sure I could make a hundred onigiris with one packet of bean paste. The sweetness of the paste combined with the salty onigiri is delicious.

There are a couple cheddar and nori flowers on top of the rice and some lotus root and red pepper on the bottom. I worked on my lettuce wall building skills (still needs some work!), and on the right there are green and yellow zucchini and a pink coconut onigiri.

On the top there are a couple gyoza with dipping sauce, broccolli, snow peas, a mysterious fruit called loquat (it was pretty yummy, although BF wasn't a big fan), pineapple, strawberries, blueberries and a heart shaped truffle.