Tuesday, April 08, 2008

April 8th Bento

I was at work super late last night, so this is the ultimate in lazy bentos. No prep work the night before and really quick stuff in the morning.

We have some anchovy onigiris (I don't like fish, but BF loves it) with carrot and nori hearts. The deli nearby had these little marinated anchovies so I thought I would try them as an onigiri filler. BF said they reminded him of mackerel sashimi.

There are two gyoza and two leek dumplings (from the batch on the weekend!) at the bottom, sitting on top of some asparagus. For meat there's some fast fry pork loin with snowpeas. I used snow peas and broccoli for gap fillers as usual, a cherry tomato, fresh pineapple, strawberries, blue berries, a gooseberry, a french mint chocolate, and a couple slices from a crepe that I spread with cream cheese and jam and rolled up (we made crepes for breakfast on Sunday, and we had a couple left over).

My version was the same but smaller quantities, and no chocolate. I also tried frying the dumplings in the pan without any oil, and they turned out perfect. I ate half of my bento at lunch and half in the middle of the afternoon. I wasn't hungry all day, the food was yummy, and I stayed pretty low cal, so I'm happy with that!