Wednesday, April 09, 2008

April 9th

The theme of today's bento is 'turkey dinner'. I picked up this wonderful turkey roll at the butcher and decided to challenge myself to include all of the components of a turkey dinner in today's bento. I think it turned out pretty well (and it was delicious!)

The main component is the turkey roll. It's a turkey breast rolled with ham, mozzarella and spinach. Next we have some mashed sweet potatos with a tulip for spring. I added applesauce and maple syrup to the potatos once they were cooked and mashed, and it turned out awesome. The tulip is made of havarti and chives.

Instead of cranberry sauce, we have stir fried cabbage with dried cranberries, garlic and balsamic vinegar (the recipe is here). Veggies are green and yellow zucchini, broccoli, snow peas and cucumber. There's a gouda babybel hiding under the cabbage and cucumber, an onigiri (I know, not in keeping with the theme but the bento needed more carbs!), strawberries, blueberries, and for a home baked dessert, a date square.