Sunday, April 13, 2008

Inari Sushi Recipe

I didn't have a chance to get groceries this weekend, so I ended up making inari sushi, because it uses ingredients I usually have on hand.

Recipe: Inari Sushi


-2 cups sushi rice (check out my chicken teriyaki recipe for how to make sushi rice)
-4 Inari sushi pouches (or Aburage)
-Your favorite add-ins. I used:

  • 1/2 lb ground beef fried with 1Tbsp soy sauce and 1 Tbsp sake
  • 2 eggs scrambled with 1 tsp of sugar added while beating
  • 1/2 cup grated carrot

-Black sesame seeds

The tofu pouches I purchased were already prepared, so no prep work was required, but if you have plain aburage, first cut the pouches in half. Then place them in a colander and pour boiling water over them to rinse off the oil. Simmer the aburage in a frying pan with 1 1/4 cups dashi, 3 Tbsp sugar, 4 Tbsp soy sauce and 3 Tbsp mirin for about 15 minutes.

Mix everything except the tofu pouches together in a bowl

Carefully open each tofu pouch. Spoon in rice mixture (make sure you get it into the corners!). Sprinkle black sesame seeds on top of rice for decoration. Recipe makes eight (BF was snacking on them before I could take a picture, that's why there are only six)

Wow! Easiest recipe ever!

You can freeze these. Wrap them individually in plastic wrap, and freeze. Heat them in the microwave when you remove them to restore the texture, and allow to return to room temperature before serving.