Monday, August 04, 2008

August 4th Bento Lunch

Messy bento!
I tried a couple of new things today. The first was an attempt to duplicate the gorgeous onigiri that Lyvvie from Obento Baby made back in May. To make the onigiri I first soaked 2 Tbsp of forbidden rice (black rice) for about an hour in order to pull out some of the colour so that it didn't completely overpower the white rice. I put it in the rice cooker with enough white rice to make 1 cup and then formed the onigiri as usual, using bonito flakes and soy sauce as a filling and sprinkling with white sesame seeds. I do like the way they turned out, but the colours didn't turn out as bright as Lyvvies!

The second new thing I tried was the rolled omelette in the top left corner. Instead of doing a rolled omelette in layers, this time I made one thick layer and then laid a sheet of nori on top (I need to get a tamagoyaki pan!!!). I then rolled the omelette using a sushi mat and sliced it to get the spiral pieces in the bento. I'm really pleased with how this turned out. Next time I might try using a larger pan and a thinner omelette to see how that looks. For some reason I absolutely love rolled foods in bento lunches. I always get really excited when I find or think of a new roll I can make.

For protein there are some leftover pork bites from last night's supper, covered with a few parsley leaves. For veggies there are asparagus, broccoli, sugar snaps, zuchinni slices and raw red pepper strips.

For fruit there are a couple of slices of yellow tomato, a few chunks of a fruit called a cactus pear (it actually comes from a cactus! The peel is spiny and can irritate your skin), a lychee and some berries. I included the last of the chocolate banana cupcakes for dessert.


Lyvvie said...

I don't think I soaked the Forbidden rice first, I'm sure I just washed it, rubbed it up a bit in my hands and then slow cooked it on the stovetop in a pan. I don't have a rice cooker - You've seen the pictures of my purple hob, haven't you? LOL! then I made it just like sushi rice with a fair mix of white rice to purple.

I think they look great. Someone told me mine looked like they had beetles in them. *pout*

Par said...

I don't call that looks nicely put together...hehe a little of everything and so green!

Jacki said...

Eww, that's a messy pot, Lyvvie :P So you cooked both kinds of rice separately and then mixed them? I will try that next time. I still have a bunch of onigiri in the freezer from this batch to get through first though.

Thanks ms._____2 be!