Saturday, August 02, 2008

Chocolate & Banana Cream Cupcakes

I made cupcakes last night. I listed off some choices for BF "Okay, so choice number one is matcha cupcakes with pomegranate frosting. Choice number 2 is vanilla cupcakes with banana cream filling and chocolate frosting,.."

He interrupted me "I don't need to hear anymore."

"But there are more choices"

"Nothing could be better than chocolate and banana."

Here they are:

I used the recipe for white cupcakes from Crazy About Cupcakes. This is the third time I've used it. I love the recipe, but these came out a little dry. I think I baked them about four minutes too long.

For the banana cream I used the recipe from this site, but I cut it in half (I still used two bananas though, effectively doubling the amount of banana in the recipe) and mashed the banana instead of cutting it so that it could be piped into the cupcakes (I use a Wilton's bismark tip #230 to do this). This is an excellent recipe, I highly recommend it.

The frosting is my regular buttercream with some cocoa and an additional tablespoon of milk added.

I decided to use yellow cupcake cups in keeping with the banana theme, and put slices of fresh banana on top (Do this immediately before serving because they turn brown and get soggy if you let them sit for more than a couple of hours).

These are some of the best cupcakes I've made yet!


jomamma said...

You need to be the class room mother... all that cupcake experience. Your kids will be so lucky!

Jamie said...

Those look great...and I am a cupcake freak! I voted for ya too, good luck!

SheffieSheep said...

Those look so very delicious.

(And congratulations on the contest! The bento you submitted is lovely--like always.)

Jennifer said...

Those look yummy!

And my website is finally up. The address is

Deb said...

Jacki these cupcakes are gorgeous! I love anything with banana cream and what a neat way to incorporate that ingredient into something other than a pie! All of a sudden I'm thinking about cupcakes with all sorts of traditional pie fillings, blueberry... lemon... cherry.

By the way, I too voted for you in the contest.

Fingers crossed!


Jacki said...

Woo! Lots of comments!

Jomamma, that made me giggle :)

Jamie, I love your blog! I actually just picked up some coconut extract this morning so I can try your pina colada cupcake recipe. Thank you for the vote!

Hi Sheffie! Thank you for the compliment. Your bento in the contest is so colourful, it looks delicious. I like that you manage to fit so much under the lid, I have a hard time thinking of anything that small except Pocky and sauce bottles :P

Jennifer, I checked out your site, it looks fantastic! I couldn't find anywhere to leave you comments though, did I miss something?

Hi Debay! Any time that I can get someone thinking about different cupcakes they can make, I consider that a success :) Thank you for the vote!!