Thursday, May 22, 2008

May 22nd Bento

Last night I felt like I'm starting to come down with something, so I decided that today's bentos would be made entirely with my favorite foods.
On the top we have some chicken sushi. This was my first attempt at making maki rolls with the soy paper (mamenori) and it was delicious and held up really well in the bento. I braised strips of chicken thigh with 1 Tbsp sake and 1 Tbsp ponzu sauce, and rolled them with a strip of green pepper and two chives and then sprinkled them with black sesame seeds after cutting the roll into pieces. They were juicy and crunchy, it was a great combination.

There are three gyoza and my favorite salad of chopped lettuce, mashed avocado and honey. For veggies there are edamame, a few sweet potato flowers, broccoli, sugar snaps, a couple of pieces of asparagus and a few fiddleheads.

For fruit there are apple slices, tangerine wedges, cherries, strawberry slices and blueberries. This is BF's bento so there's a truffle for dessert.

We have a bonus picture today! This is Macaroon, my hedgehog. He went in for surgery yesterday to have an infection removed from his ear and to have his legs examined. I guess they just put a little gas mask over his face to knock him out.

We bought him a few months ago from someone who didn't take good care of him, so he wasn't very healthy and he's never been able to walk properly. Since his surgery yesterday though, he's been the happiest and most active I've ever seen him. We have some antibiotics to give him, so I'm hoping that he will be even healthier in the next few weeks.

He was up this morning chilling with me in the kitchen while I made bento, so I thought I would share a picture of him. He's such a wonderful pet, I just love him to pieces.


Lyvvie said...

I've been wanting to find the soy wrappers because they'll add some great colour to a bento so I'm glad you've liked them. Now I'll have to look harder.

I found a happy hedgehog in my garden the other night, crunching away on snails - sounded disgusting, I never knew they chewed through the shells like that, but what a fun find!

Green Tea & Kimchee said...

Your blog is great. I live in Japan but I have never even heard of mamenori! Now I must find some.

Your hedgehog is a doll! I hope he heals up quickly.

Jacki said...

Mamenori is hard to find! I only saw it in a store once so I bought three packages.

Lyvvie, I can't believe you have hedgehogs in your yard! I'm super jealous, I wouldn't be able to resist bringing it inside if I were you :)

Holly M. Wendt said...

Just wanted to say how lovely your blog and bentos are. Great ideas, gorgeous presentation. Thanks for sharing!