Saturday, May 31, 2008

Saturday Morning Cupcakes

BF kept telling me that I should learn to make cakes from scratch rather than using cake mixes if I ever want to get good at baking, and of course he's right, so this morning I made my very first batch of cupcakes from scratch. It made like three dozen. Here's a few of them in a box (I give a lot of them away because there's no way BF and I can eat that many!)

They are zucchini cupcakes (I had two that didn't make it into bentos this week so I needed to use them up) with maple cream cheese frosting. The frosting is a little sloppy because I was a bit rushed to get them done before my swimming lesson. They're definitely yummy, but they're a little heavier than using a cake mix, so I still have some learning to do.

I decorated them with some maple leaves I made from fondant. I used pale green fondant, drew veins in them and painted with diluted red food colouring to give them a textured colour. On the pink ones (I'm still figuring out how to make dark icing without a wonky taste so that's why they're not red), I sprinkled Skor bits, and on the white ones I drizzled a little fresh maple syrup that my dad brought me from a maple syrup farm a couple weeks ago.


hairycarrot said...

Professional food dye will give you a dark color like you want. It is usually sold in little jars in a paste or gel form. You can get some pretty great colors for a little bit of dye. Craft stores usually sell Wilton, but if you can find a bakery or kitchen supply store, you might find a more choices. Zucchini with maple sounds delicious.

Holly M. Wendt said...

Yes, I've had good luck with the Wilton gel icing colors--very robust colors without having to use a lot of the coloring agent, and their red is specially designed to avoid that food-coloring taste.

I'm not sure if you've ever visited The Cupcake Bakeshop (, but it's my favorite source for all kinds of wonderful cupcake recipes, if you're looking for a variety of options to try.

Jacki said...

I have been using Wilton gel icing colours, but I was afraid to use too much because it wrecked my icing a couple weeks ago.

I tried to make black icing. I started with dark chocolate icing and added black gel colour and by the time it was dark grey, the taste was terrible. I guess that made me a bit nervous with these red ones! Next time I will be a little more daring with the colour! Thanks so much for the advice, both of you!

Sheffiesheep, I have seen that cupcake blog, it is amazing! I made the chocolate/green tea/red bean/mochi cupcakes from that blog a few weeks ago and they were heavenly!