Monday, March 10, 2008

March 10th Bentos

I did loads of prep work yesterday (Sunday), getting ready for this week's bentos, and I was all excited to make them this morning, and yet some how I managed to sleep in by about 50 minutes. So while there was lots of great food in the bento's, the creative attention to detail was sadly lacking. Here they are:

Top is onigiri (small pork one for me, large tuna one for BF), steamed broccoli, the ubiquitous steamed asparagus (so yummy), cherry tomatos, strawberries, blueberries and raspberries. Dessert was absolutely adorable fruit made of marzipan from the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. And there's some cucumber hiding in there somewhere.

Bottom is gyoza (home made!!! my first attempt and it was a thousand times better than any of the freezer brands I've tried so far), more broccoli and tomatos, chicken left over from the weekend with cheddar hearts and stars, and avocado sushi (made the night before but sliced in the morning)

I ordered some new bento boxes over the weekend, I'll post pics when they get here.

To give an idea of how I stay organized, here is what I did this weekend to speed things up in the morning this week:

  • Went for groceries for fresh meat and produce (trying to make this a weekend routine)
  • Made and froze a batch of onigiri. I used about three cups of rice, so it should last us all week (and probably longer if we don't have onigiri every day)
  • Made and froze a batch of about 20 gyoza
  • Prepared this morning's sushi roll. I wouldn't do this any earlier than the night before

And then tonight I'll do up some noodles and/or meat for tomorrow.