Tuesday, March 04, 2008

March 4th Bentos

Here are today's bentos. It's funny because I used mostly different foods from yesterday but they look almost the same.

Here's a close up of the chick. BF said one of his eyes fell off by the time he opened it :T

Top is chicken and shallot dumplings (recipe from http://www.cookingcute.com/), bok choy stir fried in the sauce from yesterday's beef bento and some sesame oil, boiled egg chick with a lettuce and carrot nest, half a mini babybel, strawberries and blueberries and a little Japanese cake.

Bottom is more onigiris from the batch I made on the weekend, steamed green and yellow zucchini, steamed asparagus, more carrot sticks and cherry tomatoes.

I decided not to include a side dish this time, because despite how tiny the bento boxes look, we learned yesterday that they hold a ton of food, so they're totally filling without a side dish.

No bentos tomorrow, work is having lunch catered for a conference we're hosting. So I get to sleep in!!