Monday, March 17, 2008

March 17th Bentos

This morning I woke up at 6:30AM. I laid in bed for a little while debating on whether or not to get up and make a bento since BF had the day off. Then I remembered the delicious pork tenderloin roast stuffed with mozzerella and spinach that we had for supper last night, and thought that leftovers would be delicious for lunch today, so I rolled out of bed and stumbled into the kitchen only to find that there were in fact, no leftovers from last night.

I just kind of stood there for a minute or two, in my half sleeping state trying to decide if it was worth cooking up a meal, and in the end I decided to throw together a quick a snack bento. The idea was that one layer would be a mid morning snack and one layer would be a mid-afternoon snack since I figured I would end up working through lunch. It worked out really well, I wasn't hungry all day. Here it is:

It's the regular combo of fruits and vegs. I didn't do anything special with them this morning, they're all steamed or boiled. I brought salt and pepper packets, so they were good to go. The bottom layer has three vegetable dumplings and the top has a heart shaped onigiri and a couple of pork shumai.

As you can see, I decided to try the quail eggs (they take 3 minutes to boil) and thankfully they taste just like normal eggs!

Also on the bottom are these tiny little kiwis that I found at the grocery store yesterday. They're the size of cherry tomatos and the taste is indistinguishable from a full grown kiwi (plus they don't have any fur). Perfect bento food!!

I got one of my new bento boxes in the mail today. The story behind this one is that when I first saw how small BF's bento box was, I panicked and bought a bigger one online (although now we know his bento is a good size for him).

This thing is huge. 1320ml. Yup, almost a litre and a half. Each tier is bigger than my whole blue bento box!

But it's fabulous. It's such a nice bento box quality wise, and it's a great design that you can use either one or two tiered. So I'll be able to pack him lunches in the single tier, and in the summer we can use it to pack picnic lunches for both of us!