Wednesday, March 12, 2008

March 12th Bentos

Yesterday I felt like the bentos were a little carb/protein heavy, so today I went for more veggies:

BF counted fifteen different foods and they're cuter than the last few, so I think they were a success!

Bottom is onigiri (I stopped putting nori on mine because I don't really like it), asparagus, zucchini, lotus root cakes with cilantro and chives, tomatos and heart shaped spinach tamagoyaki.

Top is lettuce and carrot salad with honey avocado dressing, honey ginger chicken, half a babybel, berries, little cake.
Things I learned:
  • I still don't like cilantro, even when made into cute lotus root mini-cakes. BF liked it though.
  • Tamagoyaki is really quick to make in the morning. I blanched the spinach the night before and formed it into an oval strip. Then this morning I rolled it into the omelette, cut it like sushi and then cut each oval roll in half along a diagonal. Flip one side over and voila! Hearts!
  • It's okay to leave avocado in your bento box all morning. I was worried it would turn brown (I pack my bentos at 7am and eat them at about 2pm)

Tonight I will attempt noodles again! Cross your fingers for me!