Tuesday, March 11, 2008

March 11th Bentos

This morning I managed to get up bright and early! Here are the bentos:

I think I did a great job this morning of packing in as many different foods as possible. I also put in more effort than usual into prepping the vegetables (rather than just steaming/boiling). I still need to work on the cuteness factor though, I was lamenting this morning that I don't have a star shaped nori punch yet.

Bottom is mini onigiri (stars!!!), boiled edamame, and boiled sweet potato flowers that were then fried in a little butter and brown sugar.

Top is marinated lamb bites with yellow pepper (lamb is my absolute favorite!), carrots fried in sesame oil (recipe from http://www.justbento.com/), pork shumai hidden under the carrots, a couple of bites of cheese, heart shaped boiled egg (first attempt using egg molds. They turned out good, but extra large eggs would work better I think), raw zucchini, a couple of spinach leaves, grapes, strawberries, blueberries and raspberries.

No little cakes this time, but I put some Pocky in the tops with the chopsticks. And "his and hers" sauce containers with barbecue sauce for the shumai in my bento bag.

I actually tried to make a tofu/noodle dish last night but it turned out terribly! So it was a late night snack instead, and the lamb won out for bento.