Thursday, March 20, 2008

March 20th Bento

So today I'm just posting BF's bento because:
1. It's really cute and I'm proud of it
2. I really botched mine this morning! I tried to make Hello Kitty out of furikake and it looked ridiculous.

For the bottom I made rice with daikon cubes (marinated in soy sauce first), green onion and bonito flakes, and teryaki beef (premade skewer from the butcher).

The lion is made out of thin omelette. I used the dark side (the side that touches the pan) to do the body, tail and paws, and then flipped it over and did the mane out of the light side. I used the cutters I posted last week. His face is made from nori (I used a punch), the grass is edamame and "ROAR!" is spelled with cheddar cheese (I bought a set of Wilton alphabet fondant cutters at Michaels on the weekend). So this is my first attempt at omelette art and I'm happy with how it turned out. I made all the parts the night before and in the morning I just had to assemble it. BF said it was still intact when he opened his bento.

Top is gyoza from the batch I made last weekend (they freeze really nicely) with dipping sauce (half soy sauce, half rice vinegar), steamed zucchini, sliced plums, a mini kiwi, a couple cucumber flowers and a french mint chocolate from Laura Secord.